Life-form Type: humanoid
Homeworld: Zevia Prime (original)
New Zevia

The Zevians are a humanoid species originally native to the planet Zevia Prime.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Zevians are humanoid in appearance, with large spotted craniums and no visible ears. They are also known to have two hearts.


In their past, they possessed a genetic engineering program, developing a new breed of slave known as the Eenos to develop their civilization. However, the slaves revolted and nearly destroyed their masters. Several managed to escape in a ship carrying at least 500,000 people. When the ship crossed into Terran Federation space, they took in the refugees and settle them on a new world known as New Zevia and served as a protectorate of the Terran Federation.


The Zevians are known to be a highly spiritual people, with at least four religions. Their dominant faith, Celinism, focuses on the prophets Celine and Andarko, who died and were resurrected by their deity. Another faith, known as Modrism, is a matriarchal faith, worshiping the goddess Ionia. A third faith worships love and peace, similar to the flower children on earth. The fourth faith, known as Binnaum, worships a cycle of renewal.

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